A Day in the Life of an AP Sportswriter

Associated Press Sportswriter Cliff Brunt


“On Homecomings” by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Originally published in The Atlantic, May 9, 2016.

In the summCoates Headshoter of 2001, my family and I moved into the Prospect-Lefferts Garden neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. I was 25. My partner was 24. Our son was 11 months. Prospect-Lefferts Garden is a lovely neighborhood marked by quiet streets and some of the most beautiful architecture in the city. There are several blocks lined with perfectly preserved limestones and brownstones. There is a strong sense of community. Block parties are a tradition. And for those of us who fear the suburbs, Flatbush Avenue hums at the neighborhood’s border. When we moved into the neighborhood, it was predominantly black. A haircut was a two-minute walk away. Great jerk chicken was everywhere. My best friend from college lived on the same block. On Friday evenings you could find us out on his stoop with Jack and Coke in hand (which we drank that back then), watching the world go by.

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Strivers’ Row – A Poem

Strivers Row

From the heart of the city, I hear a cry

Whispers from African ancestors, urging me to fly.

But my mind is bound, stories I hope aren’t true

About Black contemporaries singing the Blues.

These fabricated stories reach the depths of my soul

Fault The Man for my problems, stop pursuing my goal.

Standing behind my blocks, competitors to my left, right

That goal I stopped pursuing never leaves my sight.

Strivers Row 2

I am that brother from Strivers’ Row

Trying to get there, bask in the glow.

Doing well in school led to lasting success

Graduated from high school, college, to gain access.

Job that pays a livable wage

Neighborhood straight from a different page.

Is this life consistent with my goal

Replacing black with white to exact a toll?

It’s tough not seeing a majority of us

Presence always under scrutiny, causing a fuss.

Strivers row 3

I am that brother from Strivers’ Row

Trying to get there, bask in the glow.

The woman I love, God’s gift to me

The children we rear, blessed with liberty.

But lost in this transaction is the solidarity

That afforded the Strivers a sense of community.

With you over there, I over here

What will it take for us to sidestep the smear?

Black people are good, Black people are great

Shake free of stereotypes, become first rate.

Strivers Row 4

I am that brother from Strivers’ Row

Trying to get there, bask in the glow.

Copyright 2015.  Jeffery A. Faulkerson.  All rights reserved.