Beware of Negative Press for #TheOtherGuy

Ever since he was elected president in 2016, I have been wondering why #TheOtherGuy opts to chose hate over love, divisiveness over unity. I have also wondered what his negativity causes us, the general public, to do during our responses. My conclusion: We are more prone to type his last name into our posts, and, consequently, his last name sucks the oxygen out of the room.

For those who have been paying attention, I refuse to type his last name into any of my posts. Granted, I have shared other people’s posts with his name in it, but I am quick to add my own commentary when warranted. But what enlightened US citizens like us must realize is the imbecile currently occupying the White House thrives off negative press, and he is depending on it to bamboozle unenlightened US citizens into voting for him on November 3, 2020, even though he doesn’t have any major legislative victories, just manufactured crises that he has managed poorly.

The #Biden2020 campaign is inundating the airwaves and social media outlets with positive press. But we have to ask ourselves, why isn’t his positive press for love and unity getting more attention on the six o’clock news?

I’ll tell you why.

Because the news media takes everything #TheOtherGuy says at face value and then tries to sensationalize it. Sure, there are journalists like MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow and Laurence O’Donnell who call a spade a spade, but then there are reporters on the big three networks (i.e., ABC, CBS and NBC) that just tell us what #TheOtherGuy says without taking much deeper dives. They report the news in this manner because they value access to #TheOtherGuy over reporting the underlying facts of their stories.

If he says something patently racist and false, they just report out what he said, not that it is patently racist and false.

If he sends Federal troops into Portland, Oregon to “dominate the streets,” reporters representing the big three networks just show images of these same Federal troops surrounding Federal buildings and using unnecessary excessive force on peaceful protestors. Very rarely do they explore the reasons why these same peaceful protestors are thrown into unmarked vehicles and driven to undisclosed locations.

What surprises me is that very few of these apprehended and detained protestors (mostly masked) are coming forward to tell their stories. What this suggests to me is they weren’t protestors at all; they were White US citizens working in tandem with #TheOtherGuy’s campaign in an ongoing effort to discredit the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.

If he says he is leading efforts to take affordable health care from millions of US citizen, rarely does the mainstream news media ask him how his replacement plan will be an improvement on the previous one.

So, the point of this post is we enlightened US citizens must do more to defang this monstrosity of a president by not including his last name in any of our posts. If, and when, more of us do that, we can rest assured that the focus will remain on real issues rather than his fabrications.

Just saying.

What say you?

DC Area Author Releases Young Achiever Playbook To Inspire America’s Youths

Friday, March 22, 2019

Northern Virginia – Author J. A. Faulkerson announced today the release of the first installment in his Young Achiever Playbook series.  Young Achiever Playbook: Planning To Achieve offers adolescents and young adults practical strategies for establishing firmer foundations for prosperous living, and is the latest offering from Culturally Coded Content, a Northern Virginia-based creative writing and nonprofit management firm.

YAP Front CoverThroughout the pages of Young Achiever Playbook: Planning To Achieve, J. A. bares his soul, recounting how an arthritic hip condition, and the end of his collegiate track and field career, fostered a newfound appreciation for what he calls the Four Pillars of ProsperityNurturing, Learning, Working and Leading.  After coming to terms with this career-ending diagnosis, J. A. vowed to be the kind of man who:

  • fell in love with one woman, got married and provided parental warmth to his children (Nurturing);
  • graduated from college with a grade point average of 3.0 or better to actively pursue and take advantage of educational, vocational and social opportunities (Learning);
  • developed a strong work ethic derived from an entrepreneurial mindset (Working); and
  • influenced the society at large through positive investments of time, talent, treasure and testimony (Leading).

“After making this vow,” J. A. said, “I had to connect what I was doing then to what I wanted to do later in life.  Making this connection was the first step I took to create a Personal Prosperity Plan.  I call it my Adult LIFE Vision.  By focusing my full attention on it, I was better able to identify the things I needed to do to grow the right amount of intelligence, personality and character to be successful at whatever I put my hands to.”

He added, “I’m a firm believer in the old saying, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’  During my TRIO Upward Bound days, when I was a Director, I made sure we engaged our young scholars in activities that didn’t just prepare them for college.  My staff and I also thought it was important for them to envision the kind of adult lives they wanted to lead.  The stakes are even higher for me now, as I am raising a son who I hope will unashamedly embrace all of the concepts outlined in this book.”

J. A. believes we now live in an era where personal achievement is becoming synonymous with the amount of money people have in their bank accounts (and what they do with it) rather than the amount of neighborly love they have in their hearts (and what they do to bless others). He contends that Achievers who are in touch with their selfless selves impartially consider their neighbors needs to become concerned enough to care. “Because they care,” J. A. said, “they give freely of their time, talent, treasure and testimony.  And by engaging in these philanthropic endeavors, they are letting others know it’s not all about them, it’s about us.”

The 121-page book is available now for online purchase as a paperback or ebook through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.


JAFaulkerson Headshot, 1-2-19J. A. Faulkerson is a Strategist, Author and Speaker with Culturally Coded Content, a Northern Virginia-based creative writing and nonprofit management firm. A Master-level Social Worker who has worked on behalf of disadvantaged and disenfranchised children, youths and adults for over 20 years, he is committed to producing creative works that don’t just entertain, but educate and enlighten as well.

J. A. is the author of Adinkrahene: Book One (Fiction) and Real Men Raise CHAMPIONS: Unleashing Your Inner COACH (Nonfiction). Adinkrahene: Book One was one of three titles honored at the 2015 Phillis Wheatley Book Awards ceremony, in the First Fiction category. The Phillis Wheatley Book Awards are held annually on the campus of Columbia University as the kickoff event to QBR’s Harlem Book Fair.

To purchase one or more of J. A.’s available titles, or to book him as a workshop presenter or event speaker, visit

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Young Achiever Playbook: Planning To Achieve support the work of ACHIEVEMENT SQUARE Development & Training Centers, Inc., a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.  To make a tax-deductible donation, visit


A Lesson on Lordship

54831101-8759-4FB3-ADFB-CC0AA23F6B69-33974-0000226F9FC59B48Here’s what I learned about Lordship from Crossover Church Pastor Tim Seay on Sunday, February 10, 2019:

If you view Him as Savior, you ask yourself, “What did He give up for me?”

If you view Him as Lord, you ask, “What must I give up for Him?”

We need to recognize His Lordship in everything we do. This approach is based on the reality of who He is.

Position for Salvation: Must confess and renounce our sin for it to be forgiven. Say exactly what God says about sin.

Position for Lordship: Must declare that Jesus died and was resurrected for our sin, and because of that, He is Lord. Say exactly what God says about Jesus.

How do we practice His Lordship in our lives?

  • Disciplinary Trials – God has to intervene to bring us back into alignment.
  • Developmental Trials – God brings a trial in our lives so he can advance us. He is trying to get us ever closer to Kingdom Perfection.

Under his Lordship, there is safety (Divine Protection) when we are obedient. We must never get tired of carrying his over-sized Umbrella of Protection (i.e., Cross), or try to reduce its size.



COMING SOON: J. A. Faulkerson’s “The Bear on My Back”

The Bear on My Back Promo

The sport of track and field has been good to me.  It is what kept me moving forward and upward at Dobyns-Bennett High School and the University of Tennessee when I could have easily chosen mediocrity over excellence.  So when I sat down to write my latest novel, The Bear on My Back, I set out to craft a story where what happens off the track is just as exciting as what happens on it.

This next statement emerges from the admiration I harbor for my characters.  You’re going to enjoy the story lines that I have created for Jason Black and Mitch Newman. These brothers, both elite sprinters, become entangled in situations that I dare say the average person would be hard pressed to overcome.  These situations require that they make the kind of choices that enable them to get their lives back on track.  And with both of them endeavoring to compete in the 2012 London Olympic Games, for the title of “World’s Fastest”, the stakes are high.

I’m still mixing in essential ingredients, but, soon, I will be placing the cake in the oven. Thereafter, I will be icing it up, relying on an artist friend to provide the window dressing it needs to motivate you to give it prominent positions on your bookshelves. When it becomes available for purchase later this year, it is my hope you will purchase online copies from my Amazon Author Central page , or in person at one of my public events.  Without you, I would not be able to live This Writer’s Life.

As always, thank you for your purchases, but, more importantly, your thoughts and prayers.


100 BM Photo 2

J. A.

Strivers’ Row – A Poem

Strivers Row

From the heart of the city, I hear a cry

Whispers from African ancestors, urging me to fly.

But my mind is bound, stories I hope aren’t true

About Black contemporaries singing the Blues.

These fabricated stories reach the depths of my soul

Fault The Man for my problems, stop pursuing my goal.

Standing behind my blocks, competitors to my left, right

That goal I stopped pursuing never leaves my sight.

Strivers Row 2

I am that brother from Strivers’ Row

Trying to get there, bask in the glow.

Doing well in school led to lasting success

Graduated from high school, college, to gain access.

Job that pays a livable wage

Neighborhood straight from a different page.

Is this life consistent with my goal

Replacing black with white to exact a toll?

It’s tough not seeing a majority of us

Presence always under scrutiny, causing a fuss.

Strivers row 3

I am that brother from Strivers’ Row

Trying to get there, bask in the glow.

The woman I love, God’s gift to me

The children we rear, blessed with liberty.

But lost in this transaction is the solidarity

That afforded the Strivers a sense of community.

With you over there, I over here

What will it take for us to sidestep the smear?

Black people are good, Black people are great

Shake free of stereotypes, become first rate.

Strivers Row 4

I am that brother from Strivers’ Row

Trying to get there, bask in the glow.

Copyright 2015.  Jeffery A. Faulkerson.  All rights reserved.