A Lesson on Lordship

54831101-8759-4FB3-ADFB-CC0AA23F6B69-33974-0000226F9FC59B48Here’s what I learned about Lordship from Crossover Church Pastor Tim Seay on Sunday, February 10, 2019:

If you view Him as Savior, you ask yourself, “What did He give up for me?”

If you view Him as Lord, you ask, “What must I give up for Him?”

We need to recognize His Lordship in everything we do. This approach is based on the reality of who He is.

Position for Salvation: Must confess and renounce our sin for it to be forgiven. Say exactly what God says about sin.

Position for Lordship: Must declare that Jesus died and was resurrected for our sin, and because of that, He is Lord. Say exactly what God says about Jesus.

How do we practice His Lordship in our lives?

  • Disciplinary Trials – God has to intervene to bring us back into alignment.
  • Developmental Trials – God brings a trial in our lives so he can advance us. He is trying to get us ever closer to Kingdom Perfection.

Under his Lordship, there is safety (Divine Protection) when we are obedient. We must never get tired of carrying his over-sized Umbrella of Protection (i.e., Cross), or try to reduce its size.



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