COMING SOON: J. A. Faulkerson’s “The Bear on My Back”

The Bear on My Back Promo

The sport of track and field has been good to me.  It is what kept me moving forward and upward at Dobyns-Bennett High School and the University of Tennessee when I could have easily chosen mediocrity over excellence.  So when I sat down to write my latest novel, The Bear on My Back, I set out to craft a story where what happens off the track is just as exciting as what happens on it.

This next statement emerges from the admiration I harbor for my characters.  You’re going to enjoy the story lines that I have created for Jason Black and Mitch Newman. These brothers, both elite sprinters, become entangled in situations that I dare say the average person would be hard pressed to overcome.  These situations require that they make the kind of choices that enable them to get their lives back on track.  And with both of them endeavoring to compete in the 2012 London Olympic Games, for the title of “World’s Fastest”, the stakes are high.

I’m still mixing in essential ingredients, but, soon, I will be placing the cake in the oven. Thereafter, I will be icing it up, relying on an artist friend to provide the window dressing it needs to motivate you to give it prominent positions on your bookshelves. When it becomes available for purchase later this year, it is my hope you will purchase online copies from my Amazon Author Central page , or in person at one of my public events.  Without you, I would not be able to live This Writer’s Life.

As always, thank you for your purchases, but, more importantly, your thoughts and prayers.


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