Is Religious Liberty Really Under Attack?

Church and StateQuestion?

Can someone explain the correlation between religious liberty and its involvement in modern-day politics? The more I listen to (and read Facebook and Twitter posts) from religious liberty proponents (primarily Conservative Republicans), the more confused I get.

I thought religious liberty was supposed to be about people of different faiths being able to freely practice their religions. However, Conservative Republicans aren’t saying that. They seem to be saying the religious liberties of Christians are the only religious liberties under attack while blatantly suggesting it doesn’t matter how the followers of these other religions are treated.

Conservative Republicans have it all wrong. How the followers of these other religions are treated does matter, resulting from the fact that religious liberty is nothing more than being able, again, to freely practice one’s religion in a democratic society. That doesn’t mean you discriminate on the basis of skin color or life choices. For us Christians, it means we more fervently fulfill the commission that Jesus gave his disciples prior to his Heavenly ascension. In other words, we have to convince the sick and the lost that our god is the one, true God. And, yes, we hold onto our beliefs, values and mores, but during our ministerial outreach, we relate to the persons instead of the behaviors.

We Christians have to get back to sowing seeds in the hearts of men on the grassroots level. Once these seeds have been sown, let God be God. All he wants us to do is keep loving on folk by relating to them as persons, not alienating them further with rebuke, contempt and disdain. Like he did with us, God will also reveal himself to the individuals we minister to. Personal revelation about what it means to be a child of God is what causes Christians to live selfless and righteous lives.

This religious liberty talk is making Christianity the laughingstock of modern-day religions. It shows the lengths we will take to avoid our obligation (saving souls) to humanity. For some strange reason, we think government officials (in the executive, legislative and judicial branches) should be in the business of saving souls. They’re not. They’re in the business of securing votes and, once elected, doing the bidding of the Corporate Cabal…I mean the people. And right now, many of us are being bamboozled, allowing these government officials to create a narrative about our religious freedoms being under attack. The last time I checked, I’m still able to attend church services and bible studies. Christian ministers also have the right to decline requests that would have them officiating same-sex marriages.

Truth be told, religion has no place in politics. All we citizens can hope for are elected leaders who execute, legislate and adjudicate laws that are fair, equitable and just, and preserve peace and prosperity for future generations.

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