Excerpt from ADINKRAHENE: Fear of a Black Planet


Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave

Unpublished Excerpt

April 19, 1843

I write this letter under the cloak of darkness.  I am a free man, an abolitionist, residing in the northern American states.  But now that I have gazed into the eyes of the enemy, I am once again bound, by fear.

The enemy I speak of is not of this world.  I can make this claim because I traveled to their world through something my green-skinned friend Daygon calls the Intergalactic Connector.  The Intergalactic Connector allows Satarians – that’s what they call themselves – to travel to and from other planets, teleport away from detection or danger.

As I watched them from an underground Satarian overlook – with Daygon by my side – I concluded that the Satarians are vile creatures.  Besides having green skins and forked tongues, they also stand at least ten feet tall, both male and female.  Physiologically, their bodies resemble our own.

Daygon told me that his people were created by Lucifer, or Satan, as full grown adults days after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden.  The Satarian race was created for the sole purpose of taking possession of the Earth to rule over us, its inhabitants.  I asked Daygon why his people did not invade our planet immediately after our foreparents’ expulsion from Eden, and he said it was because of people who look like me, the descendants of Africa.

It was then that Daygon recounted mankind’s origins.  According to Daygon, Adam was created in God’s image, from the dark African sands of Eden.  Adam was a black man.  Because there was no suitable helpmate for Adam, God created Eve from one of Adam’s ribs.  Because Eve came directly from Adam, she was black as well.

Supernatural forces were at work during Adam and Eve’s residency in the Garden of Eden. Their first act of sexual intimacy in Eden caused a tidal wave of creative, electro-magnetic energy to cascade beyond Eden’s borders and across the nation of Pangea. Adam’s sperm and Eve’s eggs mingled with Eden’s embryonic sands to spread through the Pangean nation, producing multi-colored humans that spoke a common language. They would continue to speak this common language until God confounded them. They had disobeyed God by constructing a tower to get closer to Him.  This construct came to be known as the Tower of Babel.

The Satarians’ infiltration into human culture became more purposeful and strategic fifty years before the Babylonians built their tower to God.  This was a time when everyone in Babel was united in thought and purpose.  Its citizens also believed in the one, true God.  But it was a time when embedded Satarians laid the groundwork for dividing and conquering the united Pangean nation.  Lucifer reminded the most loyal members of his sect that a kingdom divided cannot stand.

Masquerading as lighter-skinned Babylonians, they convinced other lighter-skinned Babylonians that they were better than the darker-skinned ones.  Thus began a race to the top, with the victorious racial group being allowed to offer up its own version of world history and humanity’s relationship with the one, true God.

After God confounded their language and scattered them across the Earth, members of the lighter-skinned group committed themselves to ruling over their darker-skinned siblings.  The Satarians in their midst provided them with the advanced weaponry they needed to subvert the darker-skinned groups.  They were also able to create tools and devices that revolutionized the way humanity lived, worked and played.  And if and when they saw something interesting that was created by members of the darker-skinned groups, they claimed it as their own.

Daygon said there are other residents on Sataria who do not want to invade Earth.  They would much rather use the Intergalactic Connector to explore other planets in the universe.  Taking such a position is considered blasphemy to the leaders of the Satarian Empire, for it is a demonstration of affection for the one, true God.  Lucifer wants to prove to all creation that he is God’s better.  However, achieving this lofty goal was made even more difficult when many of the early blasphemers deserted his camp.  They used their Intergalactic Connectors to escape Sataria and build peace-loving colonies on other habitable worlds.

My African brothers and sisters, I received confirmation from Daygon that we are God’s chosen people, the instruments that God is using to thwart Lucifer’s schemes.  Daygon told me that Lucifer directed his minions to remove many of us from Africa so our minds would be fixated on our victimization and not on discovering the source of our strength.

That source is Eden, Daygon says.  And it is located somewhere in Africa.  Find it, and you will know power like you have never known before.

Our beautiful, black bodies are supernaturally linked to Eden.  Therefore, I tend to believe our best days are ahead of us, not behind.  The natural sons and daughters of Eden will rise up again to provide the charismatic leadership that this world needs to rebuild the Pangean nation.  To rebuild the Beloved Community of equals.



Copyright 2014 by Jeffery A. Faulkerson.  All rights reserved.

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