My First Novel

imageIn April 2013, I sat in front of my laptop computer and pounded out the first three chapters of my first novel.  Those first three chapters equated to about 33 pages, and I felt good about what I had produced.  But then I just suspended my work on the project, opting instead to develop another screenplay.

Before you rip into me, please understand the motivation behind my madness.  I was living in Southern California, about 35 miles east of Hollywood.  I had dreams of writing screenplays that would get picked up by the major studios.  While I produced one 90-minute dramatic screenplay, one 60 minute dramatic screenplay and one short screenplay during my two and a half year stint in California, I could sense that in Hollywood it’s not what you know and how you go about doing it, it’s about who you know in the industry.

There will come a time when I shift my attention back to screenwriting.  I love movies, and I would love to see actors bring my written words to life.  But when I re-read the first three chapters of my novel last November, it dawned on me that I may have something here.

I have added another 100 pages to those first 33.  I hope to complete the first draft of my three-book series in late May, early June 2014.  After that, I will settle down to edit, revise and rewrite my manuscript before uploading the final draft to Amazon’s CreateSpace (print) and KDP (ebook) publishing platforms.

I really don’t know what will happen after that.  I would be lying if I said just crossing the finish line is good enough for me.  Truth be told, I want my family, relatives, friends and acquaintances to purchase it, and then spread word about the novel’s release to their family, relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Writers write to be noticed.

Notice me.

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