Demar Douglas: The Painter of Dreams


One of the first things I did after completing the first 100 pages of my novel was decide whether I wanted to hire a professional artist to design a cover for me. Enter Demar Douglas, the Painter of Dreams.

I first met Demar while I was working the booth at a Connection Group Expo at my church. Demar approached my booth and asked questions about the new group that I had formed, the Storytellers’ Collaborative, and I responded in kind. I then asked him if he was a writer. He said no, but quickly added that he was an artist who worked with writers to provide visuals for their characters.

I hired Demar to illustrate the front and back covers of my soon-to-be released novel. It took him about three weeks to send over the final product. What he produced was amazing, and I can’t wait to share my purchased illustrations with the world.

While you’re waiting on the release of my first novel, I encourage you to visit Demar Douglas’s website ( This brother has skills, and I feel blessed to be working with him.

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