Becoming a More Productive Writer

20140416-105907.jpgAbout two months ago, I decided to purchase an iPad Air. I had the first generation model, but it didn’t have the bells and whistles that come with the Air. I love my iPad Air, for it is the one tool that has allowed me to become a more productive writer.

There are a number of applications that you can download onto your iPad for free or for a minimal price. When I had my iPad 1, I downloaded the My Writing Spot app (free). And as I started to feel more confident as a screenwriter, I broke down and purchased the Final Draft app (around $45).

Both apps have been godsends for me. I previously felt tethered to my desktop and laptop computers. I couldn’t take my desktop to my local Starbucks, and even though my Vaio computer wasn’t that heavy, it took forever to load. Moreover, I longed for something lighter, less bulky.

What you as a writer need to understand is you can turn your iPad, or tablet, into a much lighter laptop by purchasing a removable keyboard. I’m sitting here now typing on my Zagg keyboard (retail price: $100) while watching my son splash around in a hotel swimming pool. Once my son gets tired of splashing around, I will fold it shut and return it to my backpack for the short walk back to our hotel room. When the urge to write more hits me, I will open it, type in my password, and Voila, the last thing I was writing comes up on the screen, immediately.

I have a full-time job in a field that has nothing to do with writing novels or screenplays. Fortunately for me, I get an hour for lunch. I use my lunch breaks to crank out content on my iPad Air. That only gives me about 45 minutes of writing time – I spend the first 15 eating – but my heart is warmed by the fact that I’m inching closer to the finish line because I’m writing every day.

I still have to email my content to my gmail account, where I download it to my laptop, and then copy and paste the content into my formatted Microsoft Word document. But I’m not complaining because this repetitive process works for me. After I finish pasting my content into the formatted document, I’m able to do real-time edits and revisions, which will make my final revision less stressful.

iPad Air + Zagg Keyboard = Winning Combination

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